Tuesday, 31 July 2012

College Work

Couple of pieces I wanted to add to my blog of some college work.

Perfume Designs at Ciollege...

Perfume Packaging designs I did at college. 

T Shirt Design Printed

My design got finally printed onto a t shirt, was hoping it would be fitted to full size the design. But overall the design was well processed. 

Mobile Valeting Branding Continued...

Here are the printed flyers and appointment cards for the business. I feel they accomplish the business as a whole. I feel customers would look at it visually and hope its very successful in the future. 

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Freelance Branding for Valeting Mobile Business

Since finishing second year, my dad's been meaning to do Mobile Valeting business of his own. He wanted a logo that shown what we do as a whole having tonal colours and something that would be quite eye catching and bright. I started drafting out a logo on Illustrator using the pen tool and decided on these fonts. I quite liked the layout of the business card and so we got them printed at a printing company in Stafford. I have just finished designing the flyer, appointment cards and designs for the front and back of a polo shirt. I am hoping to get these printed very soon and hopefully later on design the car/van graphics if it all works out. 

T shirt design

Spare time I add, I decided to draw a Zebra and bought it into Photoshop and Illustrator for a t shirt design. 

Branding in Context - Principles t shirt design

Whilst on a break from uni till I go back in September, I will be getting this design sublimation printed onto a white t shirt for my boyfriend and his family. I will be looking forward to seeing the outcome!