Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Poster Designs

My idea: The hand was meant to represent my Campaign even in general 'National Writing Day' coming together and writing feelings and emotions in this notebook at the NIA Birmingham. The hand was meant to show writing out of the hand coming to life. My second poster was of a figure. Very focused on Stefan Sagmeister but showing more thought into the handwriting. The event was to tell these stories live on air with the people who wrote in the notebooks and Fiona Bruce starring. This would be held at the Bullring Birmingham free of charge. The idea of telling stories in my target market 16-25 is through tattoos and expressing yourself but I wanted to show that resemblance but with handwriting instead. Think this would catch someones eye and would want to read it. 

Poster Ideas to Consider

My thoughts, processes, design ideas and research. I put all this into my folder work. I wanted to concentrate on my target market audience and think what would look good for them? I liked the Stefan Sagmeister work and fetlt this was showing expression and feeling which I would like to create. 

My new Logo Idea

I did a number more logos as I felt my first idea didn't show the idea of my campaign in detail. I tried playing on the word 'right' with 'write' and so came to the conclusion of 'the write emotion' as my campaign focuses on writing emotion and feeling in a notebook I will design. I felt these were my stronger logos and so edited them more on Photoshop and fixed my font 'comic zine' from font squirrel as this will be my palette font I will use in my microsite in the Strategies Module. 

Original Logo Idea

This was my original logo idea for my handwriting campaign showing life and emotion in handwriting. I used the word 'love' as it is also an emotion we use and so can go together for 'love to write'