Saturday, 19 November 2011

Branding Mock up Moquettes

Some mock up moquettes I made as development for my branding mailer design. Just experimenting with simple shapes and forms, seeing how they fold and form together. 


  1. i only just realised how similar our "W" form is in our logos haha! ive been experimenting with this form in my maquettes too...we should join forces. for me, its feels simple but effective, like a very sturdy form that the rest of a brand could rest on. well done us! what other maquettes have you come up with?

  2. Yeah go us! :D I have posted a comment on a folded 'W' letterform version on your blog just to let you know :) I have decided to go a completely different route, although still keeping my 'W' fold out pop up. As my original logo design was origami I wanted to feature this in my mailer so when I did the W in the middle of some card (top image) my feedback was suggested it looked like a bird when flying, so the tutors told me to base my W and look at details of money as my theme to this logo was progression in the economy.