Wednesday, 8 February 2012

500 Words

My 500 words...

The success of a campaign is how effectively you promote it.  After 16 we tend to forget about handwriting, technology has improved so now we type or text. Wouldn’t great handwritten text be great to work within the environment? We still use it when necessary in everyday life. Whether we leave a note or a reminder or even for that matter a letter. How we write things have a personality. I want to show this in my campaign. Can we bring the life and energy back into handwriting?
My idea of handwriting consists of imagination, feeling and creativeness. By this what I mean is handwriting of little notes, thoughts and doodles. I want people to realise that handwriting is still good to use and without it, there would be no life or feeling in putting down what you want to say.
What I think would make a campaign is to start by inviting people and promoting what we’re trying to say. Events where people can write to each other with thought. This could be a ‘national writing day’ to which would be aimed at people 16 to 30. Share each other’s handwriting and look at the personality of each person by promoting a designed card. Personally people could have pen pals or diaries to feed information, not only secretive but a memory or dream.
Blogs and forums could be formed for people to look at each other’s handwriting widely anywhere. Comments and opinions are always good and feedback towards this. Social networking is also a great way to look out for handwriting, which also encourages to make friends. It will be built around individuals telling each other about the message, wanting the word to spread. Another idea could be to have a competition to write to each other and guess the personality of each others handwriting. Receiving a gift if they win.
How I’ll do this is by having an identity palette. This will include a name style, looking at fonts to which will have a handwritten feel. A symbol, this could be an illustrative symbol hand drawn again to recognise my characteristics. A strapline to think about, this will be catchy and something to think about. A texture or graphic pattern will be added so it will look visually interesting as a whole and on screen. Colour is important as this can define the personality and uniqueness of an identity. Either bright for positive values or minimal as handwriting should be individuality in itself.
In doing this I will research existing campaigns and how they’ve taken into account certain details. This will give me more inspiration. The posters will take into account all this, hopefully my designs will reach out to people and will engage with the communication. I want my overall design to look edgy but yet contemporary as my target market can range from 16 upwards. There is no stopping older generation from joining in as I want it to be just as encouraging for everyone to get involved. Clear with graphic elements and experimentation along with thought processes is the way forward. 

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